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Pinned Article Zoom: Web Conferencing

Zoom is a web conferencing system. It supports video and audio over the Internet, screen sharing, meeting recording, whiteboard, Outlook calendar integration and use on mobile devices.

Install Zoom Client

This article describes two methods for installing the Zoom client as well as instructions for signing in to and configuring the application.

Zoom Account Single Sign-On (SSO)

This article contains information that shows the user how to log in to Zoom using Single Sign On (SSO).

Zoom: Account Login & Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access your Minnesota State Zoom account using Single Sign-On (SSO)

Zoom: Connecting to a Web Conference

There are multiple ways to connect to a Zoom meeting. Pick one that works for your technology and location.

Zoom: Hosting a Web Conference for Presenting or Teaching

Zoom is a web conference solution provided by Minnesota State for use by faculty, staff, and students. This tool is simple to use and works well at delivering features that faculty wish to use in an online collaborative solution. Zoom has the ability to record the session. Through an integration with Kaltura MediaSpace, students can revisit the recording of a lecture or collaboration session.

Zoom: Install Client

Instructions for installing Zoom desktop client and Zoom mobile app.

Zoom: Scheduling Recurring Meetings

Leverage Zoom to set up recurring meetings

Zoom: Securing Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

Information on how to reduce the likelihood of Zoom Bombing

Zoom: View Closed Captions and Captioning Resources

This article describes how to use Zoom closed captioning.