Zoom: Securing Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

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  • What is Zoombombing? How can I help keep my Zoom meetings and virtual classrooms secure?


  • Zoombombing or Zoom-bombing refers to the unwanted intrusion of an individual in a video conference call or webinar platform, causing disruption. The disruptions may involve sharing offensive, violent, pornographic images or language.
  • This new kind of Cyberattack is growing quickly in the wake of a global switch toward teaching, learning, and working remotely.
  • The information provided in this article can help you secure your Zoom meetings.

Securing Zoom Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

Before hosting a meeting or virtual classroom it is strongly encouraged you read, Reducing the Likelihood of Zoombombing from Minnesota State, which includes a step-by-step outline of setting options to help you keep Zoom meetings and virtual classrooms secure.

This document covers:

  • What is Zoom and Minnesota State Doing to Safeguard Meetings?
  • Critical changes effective April 1, 2020 to the account defaults for all Minnesota State education customers using the Zoom meetings platform.
  • How To information on setting Zoom options to reduce the likelihood of Zoombombing. 

In addition to the Minnesota State Reducing the Likelihood of Zoombombing, you may find it helpful to watch this six minute video from Zoom: Zoom 101: Securing your Meeting & Virtual Classrooms.

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