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Setting up an student/employee email account with Apple Mail for MacOS
Change the display name order of contacts on Outlook desktop client and Outlook Web.
Setting up an student/employee email account with iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad)
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for O365 offers added security protection. View MFA options and setup instructions.
Additional: MFA options and setup instructions.
MFA Self-Enrollment Instructions: set up campus office phone.
Instructions to view and select an alternate sign-in verification phone option you have set up. Instructions assume you have set up and are enrolled in MFA and have set one or more alternate sign-in options for MFA verification.
View instructions on how to create an Email Outlook Signature (Outlook Desktop Client and Web App).
Students, Faculty, and Staff can download Microsoft Office for free on personal devices
This article describes how to access Microsoft Office 365 applications online. This offering off Microsoft Office does not require the user to have downloaded/installed Microsoft Office.
This article describes how to forward your student or employee Outlook email to a personal email.
Informs users on signing into Office 365. This will also resolve the inability to edit documents in O365.
Instructions on how to use software provided by the college to collaborate with other students by sharing one or more documents. The software used is OneDrive plus Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint.
Step-by-step instructions on how to install the OneDrive client on a Windows 10 personal computer.
Link to a Microsoft article on adding notes to slides