How to install Microsoft OneDrive on a Windows 10 personal computer

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Question: How do I install the OneDrive client software on a personal computer?


These instructions are for installing the software to access OneDrive on a local computer. If you wish to use OneDrive through the web browser interface, no software installation is needed.

  1. Navigate to the OnDrive download page and click the Download button

  1. Wait for the installation file to finish downloading (shown in the lower right corner of the browser). Then click on the ellipses or caret symbol to the right of the file and select Open. This will launch the installation program.

  1. If prompted to allow the “app to make changes to your device”, click Yes.

  1. When the installation finishes, click in the “Type here to search” box and enter OneDrive to locate the application. Then click on it to launch the setup.

  1. Enter your school email account username, which ends with, and click Sign In

  1. If prompted to enter your password, then enter it.
  2. Click Next to accept where the location of your local cache of your OneDrive files.

  1. Click Next three more times and then Later to exit the mini-tutorial.

  1. Click Open my OneDrive folder. If the folder doesn’t open, you can find it through Windows Explorer



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