Which Username to do I use to sign into applications & services

Article Type: Which username to use with college-provided applications


  • Which username do I use when accessing college resources?

Answer in the Chart

Use your StarID (ex: ab1234cd) and StarID password for MinnState or college-specific services. Examples are listed below.

StarID Portal
(manage your StarID password)


Computer Lab and Classroom Cart Laptops
(except for Nursing program laptops)


ATC D2L Link

MinnState ZOOM

(upload your classroom videos)

(testing application for ARCC Nursing and PTA)


ARCC Forms
(Student Resources)

ATC Forms
(Student Resources)


ARCC College-based scholarship pages
(May require resetting StarID passwords to access)

ATC College-based scholarship pages
(May require resetting StarID password to access)


Use your MinnState credentials (StarID@go.minnstate.edu if you are a student, or StarID@minnstate.edu if you are an employee and your StarID password) to access Microsoft-related & connected applications like the list below.

Microsoft 365 & College Email (web version)
(including Mac/Apple Office activation, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (for email)

Microsoft 365 for Installed Applications including Outlook (for college email), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive

MFA Activation and Microsoft Authenticator App (for mobile devices)

OIT Service Portal

Eduroam (WIFI)

StarAlert for ARCC and ATC students and employees
All students and employees are automatically enrolled

Microsoft Outlook to access ARCC Email

Student email – firstname.lastname@my.anokaramsey.edu

Employee email – firstname.lastname@anokaramsey.edu

Microsoft Outlook to access ATC Email

Student email – firstname.lastname@my.anokatech.edu

Employee email – firstname.lastname@anokatech.edu


Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

(Use ‘Continue with Microsoft’)


Additional credentials needed to support applications and services

Adobe Creative Cloud uses the college email. (Instructions)
Click Sign In in the upper right corner, sign in with your college email (which has to be either anokaramsey.edu or anokatech.edu), then your StarID and password.
Students enrolled in Visual Arts courses will have access for the semester they are taking the course.
Employees must first request a license before using.


Employee Long Distance
Employees only
TechID + 1


If you need to reset your StarID password, please use one of the links below.


Chart for which Username is used with signing into which college application

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