Request Phone Assistance

Service Description
  • Users can submit a request for phone-related assistance or issues.
  • To request a desk phone, please visit Desk Phone Request.
  • To reset your voicemail pin submit a request. 
  • Adding a phone line requires the user to submit a Network Security Request for the change.  The following information would be needed, the phone number they would like added, the office the phone is in, and if the user would like the number added to their Jabber. 
Service Available To
  • Faculty and staff
How To Request Service
  • Click the Request Phone Assistance button
Learn More & Try This
  • For information related to long-distance calling, voicemail, and other phone usage instructions, please view Long Distance & Voicemail Assistance. 
  • Information regarding Jabber can be found within our service Jabber Assistance/Request.
  • View Phone Setup and Usage Instructions for assistance with the following:
    • Making a long-distance call
    • Checking your voicemail
    • Setting a voicemail password for new users
    • Transferring a call
    • Placing a conference call
    • Signing into extension mobility
    • Accessing the college phone directory
Request Phone Assistance


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