Long Distance & Voicemail Assistance

Service Description
  • The ability to call long-distance needs to be approved by your supervisor via Network Security Request.
  • Your long-distance code is your TechID +1. 
    • Example: The TechID 01234567 would have a long-distance code of 012345671.
  • Your voicemail is initially configured with a temporary pin and can be changed after setting your initial voicemail message.
  • To reset your voicemail pin or request assistance with other phone-related issues view, Request Phone Assistance.
Service Available To
  • Faculty and staff
Learn More & Try This
  • View Phone Setup and Usage Instructions for assistance with the following:
    • Making a long-distance call
    • Checking your voicemail
    • Setting a voicemail password for new users
    • Transferring a call
    • Placing a conference call
    • Signing into extension mobility
    • Accessing the college phone directory




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