Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) Request

Service Description
  • TAC requests are for the purchase of hardware, media, and software.
  • TAC accepts requests twice a year to purchase technology items, once for the Fall semester; and the other for the Spring semester. 
  • The TAC committee will evaluate each request considering the benefit to a student's learning and academic success. 
  • Requestors are required to discuss their request with their deans or supervisor before submission. Requestors are required to discuss requests with an OIT or Library consultant before submission.
  • Requested software may include applications for your college-provided devices or classroom and lab devices.
  • Software requests will be reviewed by the Business Office and Office of the General Counsel and will require additional time for approval.
  • Media is usually CDs/DVDs, but online subscriptions to apps or media repositories are also included. Requested media must be closed captioned when possible. 
  • Hardware includes computers, cameras, projectors, microphones, etc. 
Service Available To
  • Faculty and staff
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Wed 3/1/23 11:34 AM
Thu 3/23/23 6:30 PM