How do I add, drop or withdraw from a course?

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  • How do I add, drop or withdraw from a course?


  • You can adddrop and withdraw from courses through your eServices account. 
  • To add a course after logging into eServices, click on Courses & Registration>Search for a Course.
  • Find the course you want to add and click on the plus sign on the left of the course. 
  • Click on Continue to Review My Plan.
  • Click in the empty box to the left of the course and then click Select Course(s) to proceed to Register.
  • Enter StarID password and click Register box. 
  • To drop or withdraw from a course after logging into eServices, click on Courses & Registration>View/Modify Schedule.
  • Click the black circle with the white X to the left of the course.
  • Enter your StarID password and click the blue Drop/Withdraw box.
  • Go back to View/Modify Schedule to review your updated schedule.
  • Note that you can add and drop full-semester courses during the first five days of the semester (Add/Drop period). Shorter courses have different Add/Drop periods, which can be found by clicking on the course name on the course schedule or printing your schedule through eServices.
  • After the Add/Drop period is over, you are able to withdraw from a course and receive a “W” grade. “W” grades have no impact on your grade point average (GPA) but impact completion rate used in determining if you are making satisfactory academic progress. In addition, there are financial, financial aid, and academic impacts related to withdrawing. 


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