Student Adobe Creative Cloud Installation on Personal or Loaner Computers

Student Install Instructions for Adobe

Creative Cloud apps for your Visual Art Classes on

your personal computer or your loaner device for remote classes.


  1. Close all Microsoft apps before installing Adobe products.
    1. Outlook
    2. PowerPoint
    3. Excel
    4. Word.
  2. Go to your web Browser, Chrome, or Safari
  3. Type in and enter
  4. Select Sign in, in the upper right corner
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  1. Sign in with your School Email:
    1. Most will be
    2. Some could be first
    3. Some are
    4. Student Workers, if your email has been provisioned correctly to now have an employee email, it will be
    5. If you do not know what your email is, please go to
      1. On the Minnstate Site, select my profile, sign in with your StarId and password, than choose Office 365 Contacts, there will be a choice there to choose your card or primary email, or to see what your email truly is.
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  1. Choose Company or School Account


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  1. Sign in with your StarId and password.
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  1. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Once opened, you will see an option on the front page to Download Creative Cloud Desktop
    1. Select Download
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  1. Find your download in your downloads folder and start your download to your computer.
  2. Once it is completely downloaded on your computer, open the Creative Cloud Desktop app, and follow prompts if it does ask you to log in again or verify.
    1. The prompt below is asking for the administrator credentials of your computer, if you are the administrator of it, it is the log in credentials of your computer. Sometimes, if you are using another person’s computer it may be their administrative log in here.

​​​​​​​Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  1. Your app will now open looking similar to this.
Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)



  1. Click on Install to begin downloading any apps needed.
  2. Creative Cloud will check the system for already installed apps. A pop up notification may have information to follow if there are already older Creative Cloud apps installed. Please follow any directions received.
  3. Adobe discourages downloading more apps than needed. Creative Cloud takes up a lot of space on a device.
  4. To use any of the apps installed, search all apps in the start menu or type in the app name to open or open directly from your Creative cloud Application.
  5. All updates available will show under the Creative Cloud Desktop Icon. Click update to run them.
  6. If at any time an Adobe product needs to be signed into again, follow directions for signing in above  at number  5.

***Many more resources listed below***

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