Always On VPN (AOVPN): Information & Use

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  • What is Always On VPN (AOVPN) and when do you need to use it


AOVPN allows for a persistent network connection to the college resources and is enabled as soon as the Windows-based college-owned device is turned on. Normally, on-campus resources are accessed by connecting to VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) first, then followed by resource access & initiation. By providing a persistent connection via AOVPN, on-campus only resources can be quickly accessed.


Other ways to check if you have AOVPN installed

There are TWO (s) ways to tell if you have AOVPN installed, but you do not see the image above:

  1. If you are able to access your H, N, and other network shares, from home on your college-provided laptop, you have AOVPN installed.
  2. If you can connect to AR-Slate from home without connecting to VPN first, you have AOVPN installed.

AOVPN + Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)

What I can access? AOVPN + Cisco AnyConnect
Operating System and Computer Policy Updates Automatic  
Network Drives Automatic  
Software Center Automatic  
Printing from remote location to on-campus printer Automatic  
AR-Slate Automatic  
Jabber   Need to connect
Remote to on-campus (office) computer   Need to connect
OIT Remote Assistance Automatic  
Program-based File Shares/Network Drive (like ATC's IT-Program)   Need to connect
Academic Schedule Archive (Intranet accessible only) Automatic on Windows Laptops Need to connect for Apple laptops (on WIFI)
PowerBI Reports Automatic on Windows Laptops Need to connect for college-provided Apple laptops (on WIFI) or Windows laptops from home

First-time connection with AOVPN

Some users will experience longer wait and install times as AOVPN is set up for the first time, which may be a result of:

  • College-provided computer is connecting to the college network for the first time after being off-campus for longer than one month
  • Off-campus computer not connecting to the standard VPN connection OR device was taken home without VPN installed
  • Computer operating system and security policies are out-of-date
  • Additional software updates are needed prior to moving to 'ready to work' state

Once the computer has received the necessary updates, the device is operational.

NOTE:  Some applications will need AOVPN and Cisco AnyConnect enabled/connected to ensure proper connectivity.

  • Some users experience issues with Jabber without VPN enabled. This is due to connection incompatibility between computers that are on-campus or have received system updates and telework systems that have not automatically received the appropriate application and system updates (because the computer has not connected to VPN)


AOVPN is a necessary tool to help maintain the security and operation of Windows-based college-owned devices. 

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