MFA: Set Up Alternate Sign-in, Add or Make Changes

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  • How do I set up an alternate sign-in option(s) or add or make changes to my MFA settings?


  • You can add or make changes to MFA settings by following the instruction steps below.
  • There may be times you need to change your MFA information or settings, for instance if you change to a new phone or new phone number or would like to set up the Authenticator app on a new device.
  • In addition, it’s strongly encouraged to set up more than one option for you to select as alternate sign-in option(s). This helps ensure you are not locked out of your account in case any issues are encountered with the primary method you have selected or in the event:
    • You do not have access to your primary authentication phone
    • Your phone battery is dead
    • Your primary phone device is lost, stolen or damaged
    • You are preparing to transition to a new phone or number and will need an alternate sign-in option to ensure you do not get locked out of your account
  • Once you have set up an alternate backup authentication sign-in option(s), this is how you view and select alternate sign-in options.


Note: These instructions assume you are currently set up and are enrolled in MFA.

  • Step 1) Browse to
  • Step 2) If you are not already signed in you will be prompted to sign in:
    • Sign in with your username and password (Students: /
  • Step 3) Once logged in, you may need to click the Additional security verification browser tab.

  • Add or make your changes.
    • Unless you have selected Call my office phone as your primary device, the 10-digit number listed for Authentication Phone is the primary default phone number for MFA sign-in verification (i.e. this is for both Microsoft Authenticator app and Authentication phone options).
  • To set up an alternate sign-in option check the box next to Alternate authentication phone, select country and enter a 10-digit phone number.


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