Shared Drive: File Restore



  • How do I quickly recover a file deleted from the shared drive?


  1. In Windows Explorer, display the contents of the mapped drive where the deleted file was located.
  2. Right-click the folder where the deleted file was located.
  3. Click Properties. Properties for the folder are displayed.
  4. Click the Previous Versions tab.  A list of available Snapshot copies of the selected folder is displayed in the Folder versions: box. The listed Snapshot copies are identified by the Snapshot copy name prefix and the creation time stamp.
  5. In the Folder versions: box, right-click the copy of the file or folder that you want to manage.
  6. Perform the appropriate action:
    1. If you want to view data from the Snapshot copy, click Open
    2. If you want to create a copy of the data from the Snapshot, click Copy
  7. Data from the Snapshot copy is read-only. If you want to make modifications to files and/or folders listed in the Previous Versions tab, you must save a copy of the folder contents you want to modify, and make modifications to the copy.
  8. After you finish managing the Snapshot data, close the Properties dialog box by clicking OK.

Deleted files should be recovered as soon as possible.  The ability to recover files yourself may be limited to a three week window after file deletion.  Files that need to be recovered outside of the recoverable window are labor intensive and are not guaranteed.



This article is used to inform users of how to recover a deleted file from a shared drive.  

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