eduroam - Apple iOS Client Configuration Instructions


1.  From the iOS home screen, select the "Settings" app.

2.  In the Settings app, select the "WiFi" menu.

3.  From the list of available WiFi networks, select "eduroam".

4.  Use login credentials

  • Student log in:
    • Username: 
    • Password:StarID password
    • Click "Connect".
  • Employee log in: 
    • Username:
    • Password:StarID password
    • Click "Connect".

5.  You may be prompted with a "certificate not trusted" screen.  If so, you are receiving this screen because the Root Certificate Authority which signed the authentication server's identity certificate is not trusted by your device.  This is not something to be concerned with.

Once authenticated, you will now be connected to eduroam.

If your device asks for more information, use the following settings:

  • Security: 802.1x EAP / WPA2 Enterprise
  • EAP Method: TTLS (Tunneled TLS)
  • Phase-2 (Inner) Authentication: PAP or GTC
  • Proxy Settings: none
  • IP Settings: DHCP
  • CA Certificate: Use system certificates (no CA certificate is required)
  • Domain:

Anonymous Identity:

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